3forge & Mallon Associates collaborate on new product training center

Enhanced client user experience

New York, Oct 24, 2023 – 3forge has partnered with IT technology training specialists Mallon Associates to launch a comprehensive training environment for developers of its Full Stack platform. Leveraging Mallon Associates’ advanced developer training expertise, 3forge customers can now access specialized learning programs, tutorials and sandbox functionality to accelerate ‘time to market’ with respect to implementing and managing 3forge’s award-winning Full Stack platform.

3forge’s Full Stack platform already reduces customer-side development time and resources by up to 95%. Its new self-service training environment ensures that developers – and the broader customer enterprise – can get the full benefit of its proprietary technology, creating complex data science workflows in a matter of hours while gaining a much broader and deeper understanding of our solutions.

Robert Cooke, 3forge said:

“Providing our customers with a great end-to-end experience starts with an incredible product but it also requires an equally engaging learning experience. Mallon Associates is well known for its advanced training programs so leveraging their expertise, 3forge can now provide an accelerated learning experience. We can now provide our users with a clear, easy-to-follow view into the benefits of our enterprise platform.”

Michael Clarke, Mallon Associates said:

“We are delighted to partner with 3forge on a bespoke training platform that will enable its users to accelerate enterprise productivity and unlock the full potential of its Full Stack technology and platform. By breaking down the 3forge platform into bite-sized chunks, we have created simple, engaging and valuable educational tools to rapidly harness the full potential of 3forge’s products and services.”

About 3forge

3forge was founded in 2010 to deliver enterprise-class software powerful and flexible enough to meet the needs of large financial institutions. With extensive backgrounds in finance, high-frequency trading, big data, and more, we take the solutions and practices we’ve learned along the way and bring it to the industry at large. Over 20% of US equities flows through our software every day. Our clients include multiple tier-one banks, mobile application firms, hedge funds, registered investment advisors, and broker-dealers.

About Mallon Associates

Mallon Associates is a global technology training firm with a strong focus on delivering specialized training programs and creating extensive technical documentation. With years of experience in the industry, Mallon Associates has established itself as a leading provider of developer guides, online portals, tutorials, and courses. Their expertise extends to delivering seminars and training programs worldwide, catering to both graduates and experienced professionals in the field of advanced computer technology.

For more information, visit 3forge and Mallon Associates.