Product Release Notes

3forge Elevates Enterprise Efficiency: Introducing Automated Report Scheduling, Micro Dashboards, and PINs-Powered Version Control

A Complete Ecosystem: The 3forge Platform Introduces a Historical Database for Storing Trillions of Records Right out of the Box.

A Milestone Release: Replication, Realtime Streaming Datamodels and the Smart Datamodeler.

Completely flexible forms, advanced PDF styling, and intro to real-time pivot table/tree visualization

Broad range of features and security at scale.

Introduction of our web balancer and web manager components.

Generate beautiful reports for download and a fully fluid dashboard editing experience

A true milestone release:
The first web based IDE for
creating and debugging complex
dashboards & workflows.

Improved User Experience, Performance Gains on Large Datasets and more Developer Options

Multi-site Development Options and End-user UI Improvements

OpenFin, SAML2 authentication,
improved dashboard layout tools
and more

Source Control Management (SCM)

Source Control, PDF Reporting, Developer Tools, Faster APIs & More

Continuing with better usability, faster data processing and a richer GUI experience.

Focused on adapting to external front end solutions.

Back-end improvements and need-based front end modifications.

Ten million data points, in-table editing, custom methods.

Nanoseconds, complex queries, custom workspaces, and more.