Ten million data points, in-table editing, custom methods.

Release Notes February 2019

This feature release includes many new features for workspace control, enhanced searching capabilities, and one very important benchmark. AMI charts can now display tens of millions of data points – something only a few data tools have accomplished to date. The engineers at 3forge are working tirelessly to make visualizations faster all the time for enterprise users with hundreds of systems, so this achievement is a very important milestone for the product.


• Tens of millions of data points
AMI charts can now display tens of millions of points. Very few analytics tools have achieved this benchmark, and the most popular platforms only support hundreds of
thousands of points.
• In-table editing
Users can now edit table values directly.
• Custom methods
More powerful Amiscript supports modular, reusable custom methods to a dashboard.

New Features

• Row count in datamodel wizard
Previewing AMIDB tables in the datamodel wizard now shows total row count.
• Dynamic and programmatic tabs
Each tab in a tab panel can be bound to individual datamodels – allowing for dynamic tab titles, colors, etc. Additionally, tabs can be programmatically controlled using Amiscript.
• Programmatic panels
Panels can be programmatically copied, pasted, and deleted using Amiscript.
• Auto format axes
The data visualization wizard now auto formats chart axes based on the data.
• Multiselect field
Forms now have a multiselect query field and associated
• resetColumns()
A resetColumns() function has been added to the TablePanel class that lets users reset columns to the default arrangement.
• Custom browser titles
Users can set custom browser titles.
• Horizontal bar chart
A new type of chart is available in the 2D chart selection.
• Multi data source option for datamodels
A new option to select multiple data sources to create a datamodel. Previously, only one data source could create a datamodel and others would have to be connected later. This new option streamlines the query process between data sources.
• Text field autocomplete
Text fields in forms now have an autocomplete feature.

Enhancements and Improvements

• Improved searching
Search indexing is now faster with enhanced pattern matching using AMIDB indexes. Users can also construct more complex search queries with added syntax for simplified text matching.
• Optimized IN clauses
IN clauses are faster using indexes.
• Faster joins
Joins on multiple columns are faster.
• Optimized JDBC adapter
Accessing databases is faster with optimized JDBC adapter.
• Better multimonitor support for custom workspaces
When an enterprise user signs in to AMI, the platform remembers the layout of windows and pop outs from their last session.
• Better custom menu control
Users can edit and delete non-leaf menu items, allowing more manipulation over nested custom menus.

Expanded Support

• Special characters
Command line terminal now supports SOH and other special characters with the setlocal unprintable_chars option.
• Three digit hex colors
AMI now supports the three digit hex color code format.
• Precision for very small and large numbers
Charts are better at precisely displaying very small and very large numbers and are no longer limited to 64-bit floating point precision.

Bug Fixes

• Column aligning
Column headers now match the alignment of the data in their rows.
• Table refresh
Tables now refresh when copied and pasted to ensure the data is displayed. Previously, pasted tables would appear to have no data at first.

Security Improvements

• Permissions control
All server sockets now support binding to specific interfaces to control permissions and access

f you have any questions about these
new features or would like a demo,
please email info@3forge.com.