Take Command of Your Data

Over the past 10 years 3forge have developed deep technology with a relentless drive towards solving some of the world’s most complex data problems.

Your business is swimming in data. You, your customers, and your partners create vast tranches of information every single day. It is hugely valuable – and chronically underused.

The systems and data in large, regulated, high-growth companies are complex, even more so when mergers or acquisitions enter the mix. With multiple systems developed or introduced over time, companies have typically moved towards gathering their data from disparate sources and placing it in a central store, the put it in one place approach. This brings its own challenges and frustrations. There is a risk that data can’t handle real-time analysis and there is a struggle to build the ‘next requirement’ into management reporting.

3forge understand that systems store data differently and that they each have different characteristics – the data journeys and directional flow (inputs, processing, outputs) need to be understood. Solving this problem has become Robert Cooke’s (Founder and CTO of 3forge) purpose in life, and with his team they have built the fundamental architecture to achieve it.

They have created a data federation, a method that allows multiple databases to function as one virtual data source. The leave the data where it is approach. By working with, and creating value from the data, in real-time and at scale, 3forge can help solve some of the world’s toughest business challenges.

3forge have demonstrated their approach in the financial sector with Tier-1 investment banking firms. Based on the 3forge core principles, the approach applies equally to any sector where multiple systems and data have developed over time and there is a need to extract value from that data, in real-time and with multiple arrays of management information.

3forge help companies tackle their data and business problems with military precision:
The OODA Loop

John Boyd was a US fighter pilot who never lost a (simulation) dogfight. He developed the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) model to explain his airborne superiority. The armed forces later used the concept to help them create OODA information across army, navy, and air forces.

  • Observe: Watching the landscape, identifying opportunities and obstacles as they appear. 3forge have developed sophisticated real-time data streaming incorporating large volumes of data from multiple systems to help visualize the problem, allowing users to Observe the full picture in ways they couldn’t previously.

  • Orient: Always maneuver with the benefit of the windshield, side, and rear-view mirrors. 3forge have developed the data fabric, the federated data model, to provide you with complete and unfettered access to the world around you. You are not restricted to the data in the previous central store, now you can create meaningful relationships to the data of value, harnessing the true value of your data.
  • Decide: There is always a human element to a decision, back it with relevant and timely data. The results of your understanding and research will provide you with the data points you need to confidently make fast, data driven decisions.
  • Act: Make the necessary changes. Having decided on the course of action, 3forge provide the tools and workflows to enable controlled change to occur. Users can trigger events (with dynamic forms, hot keys and bulk actions) and see the impact of their decision real-time – without leaving the system interface.

The OODA Loop may then be built into the firms processes to continually developand tap into the company’s valuable data source to create real and ongoing business change and value.

If you can imagine it, you can build it

3forge takes you from data to action in a single interface, in your browser, in real time. It’s the backbone of your operations. Whatever you want to build with data, 3forge makes it possible.

With dedicated support and rapid deployment, you can launch a 3forge integration in a matter of weeks – and drive value instantly. For more on 3forge and their OODA approach listen in to the Podcast by Robert Cooke (Founder & CTO of 3forge) and Helen Disney (Principal Consultant at The Realization Group).