TabbFORUM Spotlight on 3Forge

From TabbFORUM:

Making Real-Time Best Execution Monitoring a Reality

The need for real-time best execution monitoring is greater than ever for both the buy and sell sides. Given the fragmentation of the markets and the complexity of firms’ trading systems, however, integration of monitoring solutions can be a tremendous challenge, acknowledges Robert Cooke, founder and chief technology officer, 3Forge. Further, in today’s data-driven market, the amount of data that must be processed to understand execution dynamics can be overwhelming. Cooke and TABB Group’s Terry Roche, principal and head of fintech research, discuss the data and analytics challenges to monitoring best execution, the types of insight real-time best ex monitoring can reveal, including forward-looking data to inform trading strategies and mitigate system risk, and the technology challenges to achieving real-time monitoring.

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