Source Control, PDF Reporting, Developer Tools, Faster APIs & More

We’re bringing in the new decade with one of our biggest releases, including an array of features focused on next generation Dashboard Maintenance and Development tools. We’re continuing to improve end user experience with the ability to produce fully customized PDF reports. And we’ve pushed the performance envelope by introducing an embedded Binary API. For details on the new development tools visit our Source Control Management Document.


• Source Control Management
Integration with GIT and Perforce. Conveniently Check-in/out, diff history within the AMI web based dashboard builder.
• Multi-file Linker
Dashboards can now be comprised of multiple files meaning components can be logically separated for independent management/version control.
• Abstraction
Functionality can be marked volatile and overridden in another file, allowing for dashboard designers to abstract out functionality for custom implementation.
• Refactoring Tool
Components can safely be renamed and/or moved between files. The tool automatically updates and moves dependencies as necessary with naming conflict resolution.
• Dashboard File Stabilization
Changes to a dashboard result in minimum/localized changes to the underlying file. Components can be set to defaults to avoid noisy/unintended changes.
• PDF Reports
Now, in addition to Excel and text, AMI supports PDF generation. Documents can include any combination of tables, charts, images, text, and more.
• Object Browser
A new tool for viewing/searching across all “objects” inside currently loaded layouts. These include panels, data models and relationships.
• Unbounded Integer and Decimal Types
Support for very large numbers used in scientific applications.
• Improved Data Modeler
» Full dependency graph shows all links including filters, forms, and tabs.
» “Snap” components into place for a cleaner more organized look.
» Hide/Show elements by type usage and file location.


• LIMIT clause
Support for LIMIT clause in PREPARE and ANALYZE statements
• BigInt
Unbounded signed whole number, for representing values exceeding signed 64-bit
• BigDecimal
Unbounded signed numbers, for representing values exceeding signed 64-bit float


• Added Binary-Protocol Feedhandler API
For integrating directing into AMI, avoiding network communication.
• Generic JDBC adapter
Connect to custom JDBC clients with a generic, options driven adapter.
• Finsemble Bring-To-Front
Ability to force dialogs to front within Finsemble environment.
• Couchbase Adapter
Connect to Couchbase.

Developer Tools

• Setting Inherits From field in Tabs, Dividers
Provides option to cascade the option to the inner panels.
• Resource Manager
Add get relative url for resources.
• Object Browser
Find, Edit and Delete all objects within a dashboard using a navigational table view.
• Datamodeler
Full dependency graph shows all links including filters, forms, and tabs. “Snap” components into place for a cleaner more organized look. Hide/Show elements by type usage and file location.

End User Improvements

• PDF Exporting
Users can now export dashboards to a PDF file for sharing.
• Custom Layout Preferences
Option to automatically apply Custom preferences when loading layout.
• Snapping/Unsnapping
Divider snapping/unsnapping has been improved.
• Smoother editing of table cells
Combo Box can be driven entirely by the keyboard for selecting items.
• Personal User Preferences
Add menu options to upload/download personal user preferences.
• Auto-zoom
Ability to auto-zoom in Geographic maps depending on where data is.

AMI Script

• Panels:
» Tables
Control Text Filter Box. Switching the user into/out of Editor mode.
» Divider
Fully Control, including snap status.
» Windows
Pop-in, Pop-out.
» Tab
Pop-in, Pop-out, Undock.

• openWindowURL
Open a new browser window pointing to a particular URL.
• Added Layout Class
When combining multiple files to build a dashboard,
each is represented by a layout

• Callbacks
» OnSize
when the size of a panel changes.
» OnVisible
when a panel is made visible or hidden.
» Divider
when the divider is moving or clicked on.
» Table
when columns are rearranged.

New Style Options

• Tabs
Customizable Upper and Start Padding.
• Tables
Column Header Divider Color.
• Menus
Added custom menu styling, including control of Top Menu bar Border.

e any questions about these
new features or would like a demo,
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