Multi-site Development Options and End-user UI Improvements

Release Notes August – October 2021

In this release, the AMI’s in-memory database can now be horizontally distributed across servers. This is crucial for storing, processing and visualizing huge amounts of data in real-time. By increasing control, this will enable you to have the right data in the right place at the right time.

For Developers, we have made it easier to manage large and complex applications with improvements to AMI script, styling, database functionality as well as being able to edit multiple data models, fields and forms at once.

End-users will enjoy new filtering and styling options like new radio buttons and overall user-experience improvements. End-users will also enjoy more control and functionality from our brand new and improved legends, including filtering control in the legend itself.

We are really excited about this release and hope you are too!

AMI Script:

• Radio buttons in AMI Script
• FormField::setDisabled to programmatically disable and enable form fields
• Image class has tons of new methods for cropping and editing images programmatically.
• onCellClicked callback in tables
• session::prompt(…) to easily present a dialog to users with a list of choices.
• Auto casting for long to UTC and long to UTCN


• An AMI Web Server can connect to multiple centers, for aggregating data
• Added a routing table to the AMI Relay for routing data to various centers.

Database Support:

• Explicitly reference tables using keywords TEMPORARY, PUBLIC and VARIABLE
• Added __RESET_TIMER_STATS stored procedure to reset statistics for a particular timer
• Added __SCHEDULE_TIMER stored procedure to change the schedule of a timer
• Added __SHOW_TIMER_ERROR stored proc to see the error for a timer
• In the command line console, use setlocal ds=<some data source> to specifically connect to a particular database within the data virtualization layer.

Developer Mode Experience:

• Developers can now edit multiple datamodels at once
• Developers can now edit multiple Fields at once.
• Export/Import the config for a particular field
• Double clicking on items in the debug opens the relevant object’s editor

End User Experience:

• Better looking Tooltips and users can now highlight/ copy/paste from them.
• Added Radio Buttons to forms
• Added a filter panel with a radio buttons style.
• Legends can be dragged & sized by end users.
• Legend items can be checked/unchecked by users to quickly filter data.
• Added dashed lines in charts
• Labels can be snapped to the corners of icons in a chart (topleft,topright, etc.)


• Border color on tabs panel
• Font family in tabs panel.

If you have any questions about these
new features or would like a demo,
please email