Focused on adapting to external front end solutions.

This release includes a new dialect concept, allowing AMI to simulate other database sql syntaxes and with that, BI tools such as Tableau are able to connect directly to AMI’s in memory database. We’ve also added support for connecting to alternative front end containers such as Finsemble. Finally, dynamic front end tables that automatically arrange columns depending on query results and improved permission control for access to AMIDB.


• Dynamic columns
Dynamic columns in static tables, dynamic column with arrangement
• (Compatibility) [Support for Tableau] TABLEAU dialect.
Added setlocal dialect=…. Option
•, support for Finsemble


• ami.db.disable.functions=
• ami.components=relay,center,web
• ami.db.default.permissions=
• ami.db.dialect.plugins=

• whitelist options:
» ami.port.whitelist
» ami.db.console.port.whitelist
» https.port.whitelist
» http.port.whitelist


• session::playAudio(…)
Plays audio, specified by a url
• round(num,precision)
Round the number to the closest decimal with the given number of decimals
• strCut(…)
Splits line into a list using the supplied delimiter and returns those fields listed by position. Result is joined using supplied delim
• session::isSecureConnection(…)
Returns true if the browser is connected over https (instead of http)
• strEncrypt
• strDecrypt
• Support recursion in Amiscript
• (Amiscript) Custom Menu (Amiscript)
Added getId method
• (Amiscript) Panel (Amiscript)
added isUndocked and isPoppedOut methods
• (Amiscript) TablePanel (Amiscript)
Add setTitle method


• Allow:
» Automation on license key install through amiweb.
» Choosing default visibility option for windows on amiweb.
» Adding custom image on login page (amiweb).
» Downloading selected rows from table.

• Fully styleable title bar
• Custom Menus (AmiScript)
Added “this” variable [for display and status setting]
• Better Tabs
Added arrows and mouse scrolling
• Better Table Filter
Add autocomplete box (combobox) for selecting values, reduce clicks, clear filter button; addition of pattern matching to column filters
• MultiSelect & Select Fields
Added sort options by name setting
• Updating a tab name should reflect in undocked and popouts
• Dynamic columns in static tables, dynamic column with arrangement
• Form divs support ${…} templating
• Better support for Notifications:
» onNotificationHandled amiscript callback.
» Addition of a new notification logo
• added onColumnsArranged callback to amiscript for tables


• SELECT without table, example SELECT 1 * 2
• HAVING clause with back-references to column alias names
• anonymous datasources and datasource param overriding(DS_USERNAME,DS_PASSWORD,DS_OPTIONS,DS_ RELAY,DS_URL)
• create table tname(tcol…) as ….
• Added:
» byte, short
» screenW,screenH to preferences for saving position of popped out window size (which can be different than when popped in)


• TABLEAU dialect. Added setlocal dialect=…. Option
Support for Tableau
Support for Finsemble

If you have any questions about these
new features or would like a demo,
please email