Continuing with better usability, faster data processing and a richer GUI experience.

Our latest feature release includes improving data processing performance such as lighter protocol for moving data, the ability to process strings values up to 2GB, and more tunable logging for
diagnostics. Dashboards can now include 3rd party fonts for a more customizable dashboard. And we continue to improve the user experience with better control of filters and adding a wizard for conveniently setting defaults on the various layout components.


• Custom fonts
There are now two ways to expand the font families available to dashbaords: By uploading custom file .ttf files into the backend and by supplying a list of well-known fonts available in the browser.
• Setting defaults
Through a single development window the full DOM of windows, tabs, dividers and gui components are now accessible through a tree model and can be quickly assigned default values (ex: is a window maximized by default, which tab is the default tab, etc.).

AMI Script

• Added amiscript function parseDataNano(…)
Ability to parse a string with nano-second accuracy in a nano timestamp.
• Support calling EXECUTE from callbacks
Callbacks for events can now have embedded execution instructions to allow for running SQL, etc.
• Add convenience method setYYYYMMDD(…)
Added for AmiWebScript Date field.
• Custom reports
Add download To Browser(…) method meaning dashboards can now be configured to download custom reports and resources such as images, etc.

AMI Center Options

• Added option to center: ami.log.query.max.chars
Logs can now be configured to capture the precise queries a user runs along with the roundtrip time for audit and performance tuning purposes.
How often AMI Center publishes batched data changes out to consumers such as AmiWeb.
How often the resources directory is scanned for new/ updated files, such as images and other media to be replicated to web servers.
How often stats are written to the AmiOne.amilog file, which contains valuable information on memory/cpu usage of the process.


• Smarter column auto-sizing for large table
For huge tables with millions of rows AMI switches to a sampling strategy to calculate the column size, as opposed to visiting each cell, improving user responsiveness.
• Improved UTF marshalling
The UTF marshalling protocol between components (ex: between web and center) has been improved in the following ways:
» Less data copies when preparing data means for a faster transmit and receive time.
» Low cardinality data uses less bandwidth.
» Larger (2GB) stings are now supported as opposed to the java 65k standard.


• Copy and paste filter panels
Ability to copy and customize a filter.
• Add horizontal scroll on menus
The menu bar is smarter at handling menu items with very long text entries.
• Add download/upload layout feature
Convenience functionality for importing exporting layouts as a file instead of as text.
• Allow percentage in table filters for min and max field
Smarter parsing of numbers in end user fields for setting limits, ex: 50% is now treated as .5.
• Add a fast login with keypress (enter/return)
Login screen has been streamlined.

e any questions about these
new features or would like a demo,
please email