Backend improvements and need-based front end modifications.

This feature release includes many improvements to the backend — notably allowing the upload and storage of large volumes of data. In addition to work on the backend, the front end has improved in order to give end users to modify layouts according to their needs.


• More robust backend
» Guaranteed messaging ˗ Relays talking to multiple centers
» Ability to do BINARY & ONDISK – which allows for the storage of large volumes of data
» Batch size — allows the upload of large volumes of data to databases
• Self-service dashboard building
• Style
» Pop Out
˗ Added ability to directly pop out tab
˗ Added hide tabs when popped out
˗ Don’t require re-docking all popped out windows when saving
˗ Saving preferences remembers location of undocked tabs ˗ bringToFront() on popouts brings it to front
» Dividers
˗ Added distribute dividers feature
• Ability for separate dashboards to communicate using the Native Browser’s CORS technology

Messaging (enterprise scaling)

• Relay support guaranteed messaging
• Relay can connect to multiple centers DB Backend
• Support for:
» JOIN without ON clause (important for NEAREST)
» SELECT * EXCEPT(…) notation to include all columns except for ones specified
» WHERE in (….)
» … NOT IN (….)
» INSERT …. LIMIT …. clause
Binary object for images, etc
Stores binary data off heap (on disk), used for large data
Stores String data off heap (on disk, used for large data • NOBROADCAST All columns now support NOBROADCAST option, which prevents the columns’ data from being streamed to web servers in real time


• OneTick Added OneTick adapter
• USE … INSERT Oracle Adapter supports bulk upload – USE … INSERT

AMI Script

• session::callCOmmandSync(…)
Method which calls a command on backend and pauses running script until response is received
• More robust TablePanel::asTable(…)
• More convenient Table Constructor that takes a string for column(s) definition
• Added:
» SHORT type
» BYTE type
» AmiScript Set::sort
» Datamodel::exportConfig, Datamodel::getId(),Datamodel::getUid()
» Panel::getUid
» Datamodel::importDatamodel,Datamodel::getDatamodels
» AmiScript to loadLayout and exportLayout
» AmiScript exportConfigIncludeExternalRelationships
» AmiScript Import Window
» Callback support: onSelection
» AmiScript strParseLong
» session::playAudio(…)
Related: added ease of access to get Resource Url (Resource Manager)

Support Bulk Insert

Support _batchsize directive for USE … INSERT clause

Enhancements and Improvements

• Fully adjustable divider thicknesses
• Improved AMI Backend Teletype prompt
• Datamodels
» Requery on Visible option added to datamodels
» Import/export datamodel
• Ability to test & evaluate relationships while working on them
• Added:
» Chart divider thickness style option.
» Show last runtime feature to tables
» Customizable/programmable filters to realtime tables
» Better copy & pasting panels especially with relationships

Improved Styling

• Custom CSS
• Form level field styling
• Better opacity control in color picker
• Added:
» Custom coloring for selection box in charts
» Extends-css to css for css inheritance
» FormField::setCssClass

User Preferences & Layout Management

• Added:
» Default window/divider settings
» File -> Rebuild Layout
» Diff against last

If you have any questions about these
new features or would like a demo,
please email