3Forge’s High Performance Web Technology Renders Heavyweight Front Ends Obsolete.

STAC Research’s testing of 3Forge’s AMI web browser, which manages an estimated 20 percent of daily US market equity transactions, found that it processed and accurately displayed without any downsampling a total of 700,000 continuous streaming fields updates per second without distortion. STAC also confirmed the real time ability of “live” sorting, search and visualization functions on 2 million data point chart, the largest front-end dataset test ever tested.

HANK HYATT, Managing Director and Global Head of Algorithmic Trading Technology at Moragn Stanley, added:

As a leader in electronic trading, we recognize the importance of independent bench-marking. STAC applies the type of rigor customarily limited to transactional systems to real-time dashboards and analytics. This provides us with the ability to monitor, analyze and effectively act on massive sums of moving data, which is central to our business, and the 3Forge browser-based platform has continued to provide strong reliability as the sophistication, performance and volume of our trades increase year over year.

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