3forge Significantly Increases Trading Platform Development Productivity

3forge, a leader in real-time and historical data visualization technology, has launched the industry’s first web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that accelerates and simplifies the creation of complex dashboards and workflows by bringing the entire process of development, debugging and deployment into a single, seamless interface. The intuitive IDE solution is built directly into the dashboard, providing advanced tooling and instrumentation mechanisms that significantly increases developer productivity in complex platform environments and further enhances the gains delivered by the award-winning AMI platform.

3forge’s AMI, which manages an estimated 20 percent of daily US market equity transactions, is an enterprise modular environment for front-end, browser-based, business-critical applications and workflows, powered by high-volume, high-velocity data from virtually any source. Business users benefit from visual dashboards powered by real time data from across millions of data points, with actionable insights that are specific to their role for rapid, critical decision making. 3forge goes beyond data visualization by creating seamless workflows allowing users to instantly act upon decisions by triggering events within the same interface, without the need to switch between applications.

The fully embedded IDE enables developers, in FinTech, AdTech and other industries, to navigate the dashboard’s object model, creating and testing richer and highly customized dashboards in dramatically less time. Additional integrated capabilities include the ability to directly:

• Set breakpoints and step through code
• View local variables and tables
• Walk through the call stack
• Inspect visualisations, data models and relationships
• Navigate through the entire dashboard’s object model to inspect object states

The enhanced functionality of the IDE debugger, combined with source control integration, delivers clear error messages and provides smarter diagnostics for each of the AMI components. Issues are easily investigated and solved as the debugger observes and understands the functionality of the dashboard itself, vastly reducing the time spent diagnosing the problem and encouraging user self-sufficiency.

Robert Cooke, Founder and CTO, commented: “We are excited to deliver this industry-leading IDE. Over many years working in mission-critical trading environments, we recognize that comprehensive instrumentation and tooling will enable developers to deliver the next generation of platform solutions.”

The AMI solution has been benchmarked by the industry and received the following endorsement from a Senior Managing Director at an AdTech firm:

“It’s no secret that the majority of a developer’s time is spent debugging and diagnosing data inconsistencies. 3forge’s focus on providing easy-to-use data inspection and debugging tools has translated into huge savings for the firm, with on-time deliveries and continuously reliable results”