10 Ways AMI Outperforms Other Analytics Platforms

AMI is a single command center to analyze data across your entire organization. See why enterprises and small businesses alike choose AMI to tackle their complex data needs.

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1. Connect vs. collect

While other tools needlessly centralize your data and take months to install, AMI integrates with your existing data sources and workflows exactly as they are. Add and blend data sources on the fly for faster, more accurate results.

2. Advanced data virtualization

A visual tool for chaining and organizing an unlimited number of data sources and workflows. It cleanses and blends data as retrieved without the need for tedious data prep, additional cubes, ETL or data warehouses.

3. Ensuring data integrity

Your data is critical for strategic decision making, marketing, compliance and customer consumption. 3Forge gives you end to end visibility – giving you peace of mind that you’re acting on and delivering verifiably accurate data.

4. Flexible front-ends

AMI is extremely lightweight and runs on your browser. With its highly customizable interface, enhanced data modeling and the ability to keep up with changing datatypes and workflow modifications, AMI can truly adapt to any kind of BI tool you need it to be.

5. True real-time

We use the fastest technologies to stream data to the front end at hundreds of thousands of updates per second. Real-time alerts allow you to respond to events as they occur. Define various timers, triggers and procedures to fire actions in response to certain events. With real-time collaboration, everyone on your team stays in sync.

6. Comprehensive audit trails

Walk the audit trail across your entire organization. The AMI data modeler lets you connect and blend hundreds of databases so you can finally have a plant-wide view.

7. Powerful reconciliation

AMI is the only data visualization tool that lets you cross-compare massive volumes of data across diverse systems. Now you can identify missing or inconsistent data and quickly spot anomalies on critical metadata.

8. Enhanced security

AMI has a 3 tiered security model over secure connections and all components sit on a single server within your four walls. Permissions and entitlements integrate with enterprise security.

9. Better machine learning

Predictive analytics combined with advanced visualization techniques allows you to dive deeper into data trends and find hidden opportunities.

10. Enterprise scalability

AMI is designed to grow at the pace of your business. Whether it be data migration, reorganization or an M&A corporate event, our product will adapt to these changes and give valuable insights along the way.